The Mind, Math, and Multiliteracies Institute

July 22 – August 8  |  Monday – Thursday  |  10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

A no cost, three-week, credit-bearing summer institute for Special Educators in the District of Columbia to develop standards-based content knowledge and learn to employ culturally-relevant asset-based approaches to support students with disabilities.

Priority Deadline: June 1, 2019

You will learn how to:

  • Create a classroom culture that values all students
  • Use culturally-responsive and differentiated instructional strategies
  • Promote all students’ social-emotional development, civic engagement, and independence
  • Facilitate mathematical and English language arts instruction

Participating in the M3I you will:

  • Create and monitor differentiated instructional plans and standards-based IEPs
  • Develop a professional development seminar
  • Receive a stipend of $725 total
  • Receive three GU graduate student credits valued at approximately $6000


Toby Long, PhD, PT, FAPTA

Toby Long, PhD, PT, FAPTA is a Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Georgetown University, Director of Professional Development at the Center for Child and Human Development, Director of the Georgetown University Certificate in Early Intervention Program. She collaborates with colleagues on serving children with disabilities and delays using contemporary, evidenced-based practices.

María Cioè-Peña, PhD

María Cioè-Peña, PhD, is a former elementary school teacher whose research focuses on bilingual children with dis/abilities, their families, and their ability to access multilingual learning spaces within public schools. María previously worked as an educational coach/consultant, offering K-12 teachers support around literacy development. She trains teachers in ELA interventions that build upon the assets of culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Janet Walkoe

Janet Walkoe’s work is dedicated to professional development in math content knowledge, helping teachers recognize and design effective pedagogy around algebraic thinking. She trains teachers in noticing this type of thinking as a basis for formulating pedagogy and interventions as responsive teachers and joins M3I with an established track record of professional development focusing on deepening math teachers’ content knowledge and ability to design effective pedagogy for diverse urban student populations.

Project Directors

Douglass S. Reed, PhD

Director, MAET

Professor, Government

Douglas S. Reed is a Professor of Government and Director of MAET. He is currently conducting research on the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and the politics of English Learner programs. He co-founded the undergraduate program in Education, Inquiry and Justice (EDIJ) at Georgetown.

Sabrina Wesley-Nero, PhD

Head of Teacher Preparation, MAET

Associate Teaching Professor, EDIJ

Sabrina Wesley-Nero directs EDIJ at Georgetown and is head of Teacher Preparation for MAET. Wesley-Nero has taught in ESL, Spanish bilingual, Spanish immersion, and general education K-12 classrooms, and served as Director of Curriculum for the New Teacher Project in New York. She also has served as a program reviewer for both the Office of State Superintendent of Education for the District of Columbia and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Crissa Stephens, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor, MAET

Crissa Stephens is Assistant Teaching Professor in the MAET program. She is an experienced educator and teacher trainer, having advocated for students and families as an ESL/Title I Curriculum Coach in the Chicago suburbs, trained pre- and in-service EFL teachers, and taught ESL for international university students and adult immigrants and refugees.