English Learners’ Educational Excellence Capitol Teacher Training Project (Project ELEECT)

The English Learners’ Educational Excellence Capitol Teacher Training Project, or Project ELEECT, is a program under Georgetown University’s Program in Educational Transformation program funded by a five-year National Professional Development (NPD) grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Project ELEECT supports the preparation and professional development of teachers in the District of Columbia by widening the pipeline of teachers for multilingual DC students and preparing in-service teachers to meet the needs of their multilingual learners through equitable, culturally responsive pedagogy.

Project ELEECT will provide a hybrid Professional Development program (Equity and Excellence for English Learners Professional Development Certificate) for in-service teachers in DC public and public charter schools without prior preparation in the effective education of English Learners and a pathway to MA + ESL Licensure for pre-service teachers through the residency-based model with an emphasis on recruiting new teachers from underrepresented groups including multilingual educational aides with undergraduate degrees currently working in schools.

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